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Shawarma & Its Delights

With a traditional preparation technique centuries long, the middle Eastern dish Shawarama brings you spice, flavour and moisture from meats grilled on a vertical spit for as long as a day. The meats are continuously basted to ensure all the taste and tenderness of the meat is captured and sealed.

The meat cuts are then shaved off and may then be enjoyed alone, or served in a sandwich on different types of bread along with a series of different fillings and accompaniments.

Vegetarians and vegans may also appreciate the pita breads and wraps tastily stuffed with falafel and our home-made sauces, pickles and salads.

With a view of one of the city’s busiest corners, taking pleasure in watching the world go by, one is king on the delightful Momo terrace where they can delight in ending their meal with the sweetness of freshly made churros or our inhouse ice cream.

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